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Top Funnel, Inverted Funnel OR the Hour Glass

I track the links that I share on Social media through many tools. I was reviewing how my youtube video shares are doing and this is what I saw:

Funnel-AIB-KnockOut-Roast Marketing Content Funnel

This screenshot shows the AIB Knockout Roast video shares in my bitly account showed a declining count of clicks. Like how a funnel would work. One can argue that people didn’t see all three tweets / FB newsfeed elements together and hence a declining click count.

However, the broad point being, Content marketing works like a funnel. While the people who traverse the funnel till the bottom might be lower, their interest and engagement is way higher. However, one if the biggest issue in today’s time is that people miss out the bigger picture sometimes. The Hour Glass view. While your investments upfront leads to a funnel like view and we look at cost per action, we miss the subsequent inverted funnel. For any business to grow and have a holistic view of a business, one needs to look at the whole hour glass view.


The subsequent conversions that one produces from loyalty and advocacy. And this build the organic traffic as well as the word of mouth traffic and measuring these channels and co-relating the growth of this with the spends that one has done on paid channels is extremely important.

While an Hourglass is a future looking metric, though I wonder, how do entrepreneurs and investors think of the future value generated by such an hourglass view? Would they invest based on the future value? Do they look at the retention rates and life time value and future revenue through the social actions?

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